Q: I have a ticket for an event that I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund? Can I give the tickets to a friend?
    Q. I purchased tickets online. What do I need to check in at the show?
    Q: I’ve picked up my ticket at will call, now what?
    Q: I wish to buy tickets for a show that is currently marked as “Sold Out” on your calendar. Will there be any more tickets made available at the door?
    Q: Can I buy advance tickets for events at the venue?
    Q: Do you accept IDNYC for entry?
    Q: I’m “old” - do I really need to bring my ID?
    Q: Do I have to be 21+ in order to attend an event? Even if I’m with a guardian?
    Q: How do I get to The Bell House?
    Q: Do you serve food?
    Q: Do you have a lost and found and if so, how do I find out if you have my items?
    Q: I mistakenly left my credit card at one of your bars. How do I retrieve it?
    Q: Is there parking at The Bell House?
    Q: Are your bars cash only?
    Q: Can I buy a gift card?