Wunderkammer: A Taxidermy Showcase and Competition

Wunderkammer: A Taxidermy Showcase and Competition

Judged By: Ryan and Regina Cohn, George A. Dante JR., Katie Innamorato, Robert Marbury, Hosted By: Baron Ambrosia, Divya Anantharaman

Thursday · October 25, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10 adv / $12 dos

This event is 21 and over

**Please note that this event will be mixed seating/standing. Please arrive early for the best seat selection.


Wunderkammer: A Taxidermy Showcase and Competition
Wunderkammer: A Taxidermy Showcase and Competition

Join us as New York City’s best artists and taxidermists fill you with awe and wonder as they compete in a spectacular showcase of the beautiful and bizarre. A cabinet of curiosities come to life! Celebrate the art and science of taxidermy with your hosts for the night Baron Ambrosia, the Explorer’s Club culinary ambassador notorious for his annual wild game dinners, and Divya Ananthraman, NYC’s award winning taxidermist, world traveling instructor, and coauthor of “Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy”. Guests are encouraged to dress for the occasion, as it may be a stuffy affair!

All ticketed guests will receive a special gift at the door. All advance tickets are automatically entered in a raffle to win a variety of skulls, taxidermy, taxidermy classes, and more. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased day of.

In addition to taxidermy, the evenings festivities will include-

Learn Taxidermy-Resources for those interested and inspired by the show to learn taxidermy on their own!

Purveyors of strange and unusual trinkets!

Wild make up by Daylin Laine (IG @daylinlainemua)-let a master of makeup transform you into something FIERCE.

Logo design by Erika Harada (IG @mori.tori)


Unnatural History

Do you conjure creatures that would make Linnaeus lose his mind? This category is for all of your mythical beasts! Hybrids, gaffs, and everything in between.

Anthropomorphic Animals

For those who painstakingly embroider rosettes on frilly rabbit knickers, or craft the perfectly sized pints for your squirrels pub diorama, this is your category!

Bone Zone

If you're tired of chewing the fat and would rather get down to the bones, your original skeletal and bone art belongs here.

Purrformance Art

Are you the type of creature who thrives on performing your elaborate courtship ritual for a rapt audience? You betta WERK! This category is for any and all performers who use taxidermy, bones, and related objects in their act. Acts should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Wearable Wunderkammer

Always dressed to impress, and ready to get wild. This category is for wearable works of bone and taxidermy art.

Anatomic Anomaly

Born a little different, but still beautiful in its own way. This category is for natural oddities (i.e. two headed calves). Modern, vintage, and antique mounts are welcome in this category.

A Fine Vintage

Whether or not you believe some things get better with time, we can all agree they don’t make them like they used to. This category is for unique taxidermy, bone, and wildlife art created earlier than 1980.

Wild Card

Do you have something that does not fit in any of the other categories? Surprise us!

Awards will be given for each category, ALL categories are eligible for Best in Show, First Runner up, Second Runner up.


Artists and Collectors! Are you interested in showing off your wildest works and winning fabulous prizes? Please read our submission guide, and enter your works! This competition is open to everyone from anywhere!

In order to create an unforgettable audience experience, our showcase will be curated to a limited number of participants. Please submit your entries using our Google form LINKED HERE https://goo.gl/forms/FvBEMGsTGRboAiTT2


All entries must be received by 10/5/2018 via the Google Form. NO EXCEPTIONS. You may send photos of nearly finished work as long as you have reference or clear descriptions of what will be added. Acceptances will be sent by 10/10/2018.

Please do not bring pieces in addition to your submission. If you need to edit or add to your submission, please email us!

Judging will take place on the day of the show, awards will be based ONLY on the pieces presented day of the show.

Contestants can submit more than one piece. However, each piece may only be entered in one category. Best of Show and Runners Up will be judged from ALL entries in ALL categories.

All pieces must be clean and properly preserved. We strongly encourage beginners and nontraditional artists to enter, however we will not show any work that is rotting, odorous, or otherwise improperly preserved. Out of respect for your fellow artists and judges!

With exceptions of Anatomic Anomaly and A Fine Vintage, all pieces must be original works by you. Please notify us if you are presenting on someone else’s behalf.

All specimens must be legal. If any paperwork or permits are necessary, please have them on hand.

Contestants will come to the stage to present their pieces. Please be prepared to talk about your piece, and to carry your piece onto the stage safely. You are welcome to have friends assist you. Please notify us if you will need extra assistance.

We want all artists to enjoy themselves and have a great time in this friendly competition! Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated.

Please direct ALL inquiries to nyc.wunderkammer@gmail.com

Judged By: Ryan and Regina Cohn
Judged By: Ryan and Regina Cohn
Ryan Matthew Cohn is best known for his educated opinions and consultation on the Science Channel show "Oddities". However, it is Ryan's ability to prepare, create, craft, and provide unparalleled attention to detail in this subject matter make him a true artisan. It's his stunning preparations, which have helped him in beginning to solidify a place in the fine art world. Ryan’s unique approach to the exploded skull has pushed his career from exploration and learning to creating unique fine art commissions. Aside from his artistic accolades, Ryan specializes in rare and unique antiques and artifacts predominantly relating to science, anatomy, and natural history. One of his most recent and important acquisitions was an entire anatomical German wax museum dating back to the 1870s.

Teaming up with cinema giants Alamo Drafthouse, “House of Wax” was created and added to their newest Brooklyn location opening its doors in October 2016. You can now visit this unique museum and bar while also enjoying a finely crafted cocktail.
In 2014, Ryan met his now wife Regina Marie Cohn. After spending over 15 years in the fashion industry, she left her job to dedicate her time to work alongside Ryan and run their own business.

They founded the "Oddities Flea Market" in 2016. A market-place focusing on skulls, skeletons, taxidermy, medical tools, scientific instruments, anatomical preparations, apothecary, and anything odd and unusual. Its received a tremendous response toting over 3500 customers over a given weekend.
Together they scour the world searching for the most unique, odd and unusual antiques to add to their vast museum and to offer for sale to the public.

George A. Dante JR.
George A. Dante JR.
George Dante has more than 36 years of experience as a taxidermist, sculptor, model maker, illustrator and fine artist. He has been a field naturalist his entire life and formed Wildlife Preservations while in high school. George continued to develop his company while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York and today the company is a world-class provider of natural history exhibit services. Their work has been recognized in media outlets such as the New York Times, New York Post, Chicago Sun Times, National Geographic
Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Living,
NPR, Scientific American, Atlas Obscura, Popular Science, Treasures of New York, National Geographic Explorer, and more. Recently George and his team have also become recognized as leaders in the restoration and conservation of older taxidermy and museum dioramas. His work
continues to advance the way collections are restored by bridging the gap between classical taxidermy and fine art conservation. In addition to being the recipient of numerous awards, George is also served many years an NTA certified judge and instructor with several publications in his
field. His clients include some of the most prestigious institutions and organizations in the world, such as the American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Harvard University, The Field Museum, National Geographic, Oxford University, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and more.
Katie Innamorato
Katie Innamorato
Katie Innamorato is a modern-day Anubis, aiming to preserve and honor the deceased in their afterlife. She has been professionally trained and competes at state and world level championships. She travels and teaches, she has teamed up with The Field Museum for an educational video, taught classes for the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation, and worked with the SVA in NYC for some classes as well. She has been featured on the hit TV show "Oddities," displayed pieces at various galleries, thoroughly covered by press; see her extensive CV, profiled in the book Taxidermy Art, along with coauthoring the book, “Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy.” Katie also offers a diverse amount of options for pet after care.
Robert Marbury
Robert Marbury
Robert Marbury is a multi-disciplinary artist working in fabric, photography, and fur. He is a co-founder of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists and lectures internationally about alternative taxidermy. He has developed his Urban Beast Project since 2000 in order to investigate the ferine nature of animals and their interaction with humans in the urban environment. Robert has played a drape in John Waters' Crybaby, been held up by pirates in Indonesia, and served as the Public Arts Chair on the Minneapolis Arts Commission. He was a regular judge at the annual Carnivorous Night's Taxidermy Contest. His work has received support from the Aljira Contemporary Art Center in Newark, NJ; the CAFKA Public Art Forum in Ontario, Canada; the Minnesota State Arts Board; and the NEA Artist Initiative Grant. In 2007, Robert was included as one of the “stray dogs of contemporary art” in Charley 05, edited by Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni, and Ali Subotnick. Robert earned his B.A. from Connecticut College and a Post-Bac from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He currently lives and works in Baltimore, MD. Taxidermy Art: A Rogue's Guide to the Work, the Culture, and How to Do It Yourself is Robert's first book.
Hosted By: Baron Ambrosia
Hosted By: Baron Ambrosia
Justin Fornal is a fellow of the Explorers Club and President of the Bronx Pipe Smoking Society. Fornal specializes in investigating indigenous traditions and historical mysteries around the world. He is currently a writer and producer for National Geographic and VICE Studios.
In 2016 Fornal tracked down the lost skull of African American slave rebellion leader Nat Turner and repatriated it to the Turner descendants. The relic had been missing since 1831. Fornal is currently working on several other high profile relic repatriation projects. Every year he produces the Bronx Game Dinner, an event that introduces eaters from around the world to traditional indigenous protein sources such as skunk, porcupine, coyote, and raccoon.
Divya Anantharaman
Divya Anantharaman
A unique combination of science and style, Divya Anantharaman is New York City's premiere taxidermist. An award winning licensed professional preserving animals with honor and compassion, she recently took second place in the Professional division at the 2017 World Taxidermy Championships, and is the coauthor of the book "Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy." Her specialties are birds, small mammals, pet aftercare, and anatomic anomalies. She left the world of corporate fashion to pursue her love of natural history as the resident taxidermist at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, and since then has built a following creating taxidermy, skeletal, and entomology displays, along with jewelry and wearable art, for anyone who finds wonder in the natural world. She is a board member of the New England Association of Taxidermists. Her clients include museums, art galleries, and private collectors, though she really enjoys demystifying taxidermy for newbies through workshops and lectures. In her commitment to conservation, she regularly works with various organizations like the Audubon Society, and volunteers as a rescuer/rehabber. All animal parts are legally and sustainably obtained.
Venue Information:
The Bell House
149 7th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11215