Meatballs • Beef or Eggplant

in a bowl or on a roll with grated cheese and toasted garlic-tomato sauce

Turkey Chili

made with 7 spices, 3 herbs, 2 beans and tomatoes. Silky smooth and pleasantly spicy. Topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese & scallions

Pulled Pork Sandwich

with red cabbage slaw & pickles on a seeded potato bun

Ham & Brie Sandwich

with homemade pickles, tomatoes and crispy lettuce

Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich

with herbs, celery, lettuce & tomato

Herb-Roasted Mushroom Sandwich

with lemon, tomato and arugula

Hummus Platter

handmade chickpea hummus, selection of vegetables, flat bread, olives and stuffed grape leaves

Handmade Chips & Salsa

with pico de gallo